OneFile Nomad™ Mobile App

OneFile Nomad™ allows the assessor and learner to update assessments on their mobile, meaning there’s no need to type up notes after work.

Capture offline and sync online... it's simple!

NEW features added to OneFile Nomad™:
  • Create Assessment Plans offline
  • Review learners offline

Eportfolio app for learners and assessors

Available on iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows 8 tablets and laptops.

Assessor app in a nutshell...

1. Plan

Mobile Nomad Plan

Create Assessment Plans offline on Nomad

2. Assess

Mobile Nomad Assess

Capture assessments and assign to criteria

3. Review

Mobile Nomad Review

Review learners anywhere without the internet

Learner app in a nutshell...

1. Work

Mobile Nomad Work

Capture evidence of work on mobile or tablet

2. Sign

Mobile Nomad Sign

Sign off assessments on completion

3. Sync

Mobile Nomad Sync

Sync to eportfolio with Wi-Fi

Case Study

'Enhance teaching, learning & assessment with the effective use of technology'
Read the Myerscough College case study.

Access your eportfolio anywhere

Simplify your world with OneFile Nomad™, our fast and efficient mobile assessment application.
Access eportfolios on a mobile or tablet, anywhere.

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