5 reasons to use an eportfolio for nurse training


Eportfolios are starting to take the world by storm. 

They’re a vital part of training and assessment for organisations around the world, and are now being embraced by NHS trusts across the country. They’re perfect for all types of qualifications – from the Care Certificate to degree-level apprenticeships – helping staff complete more work in less time.

But that’s not the only benefit.

Investing in an eportfolio offers huge benefits to managers, staff and patients – that’s why 14% of NHS trusts already use OneFile’s eportfolio to manage their nurse training. To help you get your head around the benefits, we’ve summarised the top 5 reasons to use an eportfolio for nurse training:


The Government has pledged to make the NHS completely paperless by 2020 – not only to save time, but save money too. Using an eportfolio significantly reduces printing, paper, storage, travel and admin costs. In fact, OneFile’s eportfolio is proven to save departments over £300 per learner, per year – imagine the difference that could make to your trust!


When it comes to confidential data, security is of utmost importance. Replacing paper portfolios with electronic records, files can’t be lost or damaged. And with OneFile’s eportfolio, all information is securely encrypted, stored on our UK-based servers and full backed up – completely eliminating the risk of hacking or cyber threats.


If you choose an eportfolio with an offline app, nurses can gather evidence wherever they are, then upload and sync their work when they’re connected to the internet. This means nurses can take photos, videos and audio recordings in real-time on the ward, rather than spend tons of time writing up notes.


With an eportfolio, nurses can track their progress, gather dynamic evidence and work remotely – helping them get more done in less time. In fact, OneFile increases learner activity by 50% and timely completions by 35%, so your trainee nurses will complete their qualification more quickly.


Nurses become nurses because they love caring for other people – not because they love doing paperwork. With an eportfolio, your nurses will spend less time writing up notes and filling in paperwork, and will have more time to spend caring for their patients. In an already stretched NHS, this is music to most trust managers’ ears!


If you’re looking for an elearning tool to support your trainee staff, an eportfolio is the way to go! OneFile is one of the most versatile learning platforms on the market, made up of an eportfolio, VLE and CPD tracker – so it’s the perfect companion for nurses throughout their career. Download our free guide to find out more about how OneFile can be used for nurse training.
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